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Oppsie! - Chapter 2 (Rikuo x Kana/RikuNa)

     ''I watched you just now! You're really amazing back then, Rikuo-kun!!'', said Kana with a huge smile on her face. It really looked sweet. ''Huh? What??'', asked Rikuo. He's holding the refreshment tea which is given by Kana. ''I watched you, make a goal dummy~!'', said Kana, she giggled. Rikuo stared at Kana in supsrised.''What's the matter?'', asked Kana, noticed that she've been stared by Rikuo. ''Ah! Nothing!!!! Ahahahaha!!!'', said Rikuo, with a false laugh. He quickly looked to the other way. 'Doki!' 'Doki!'. ''Wargh!!'', screamed Rikuo in his heart. He's blushing.

     ''E-Errr....What are you doing here Kana-chan? Aren't you suppose to be with Kiyotsugu and others at the rooftop?'', said Rikuo, trying to bring a topic. He act calm. ''Ohh.. Hmm... No reason's just...'', said Kana, while looking at the sky. Rikuo was waiting Kana to finish her sentence. Doki! Doki! Rikuo heart began again. 'Fuu..What will she say...' said Rikuo in his heart. Kana smiled and she looked at Rikuo. ''It's just, it's not fun when you're not around up there, Rikuo! So I decided to go down here! To see you!'', said Kana with a cheerful face. 'AGAIN?! NO!!! I CAN'T BEAR THIS!!, STOP 'DOKI! DOKI' YOU SHIT HEART!!', screamed Rikuo in his heart.

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HaruYeager Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
When Kana said 'to see you!' there..ZUKYUUN *sound effect* right in the kokoro!!!
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